Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am bad at this

So... I haven't been posting, mostly because I went a little wayward. We went away for a few days and then Chad was on vacation for a little over a week so my schedule was messed up...enough excuses.  This week I have been back on track. I have not been snacking and I have exercised everyday for at least 30 minutes. I am drinking lots of water. I am not sure of total weight loss, but I know I have lost some. That is the goal.
I was thinking about doing a juice diet since I know a few people who have had success with it lately but I feel like it would be expensive. I would still have to cook regular meals for Chad and Sophie. I would like to try it, maybe someone could let me know how much fruit/veg is required for a week.
Anyway, I will try to be better at posting...I am determined this time to lose the weight. Every time i get tempted to eat something i shouldn't, the reasons I want to reach my goal pop into my head.
Any other motivational tricks/ tips are welcomed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 1 and 2

Day one went well. I did everything I wanted to do. I exercised, didn't snack, drank lots of water. I always find that the first couple days, even weeks sometimes, are easy to have determination when it comes to getting in shape, and then I get lazy with it, so lets hope this keeps up. 

Today is day 2, I am doing well with the not snacking, but I dont think I will be getting a work out in today. We are heading to New Glasgow and Cape Breton to visit family this weekend and I dont have anytime to exercise, however running up and down the stairs trying to get everything packed and ready may be considered a work out. I will be trying my best not to lose focus this weekend! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This time!

So over the years I have been setting goals to lose weight and never following through. Starting today I am trying again, this time it is going to work! I thought that if I post about the beginning, and every day, or every 2 days depending on how busy things get, i post about my progress I will be able to attain my goal. I am not going to tell my starting weight yet as i am just too embarrassed by it. I will  say what it was when I start to lose. I will also post "before and after" pictures as I lose as well.

I currently am eating whatever I want whenever I want. I usually skip breakfast,  I dont drink enough water, I dont exercise. So I am not  going to try any crazy diets, my plan to start out is that I am going to start drinking 8 cups of water everyday, I am going to exercise at least 5 days a week, i am going to start eating more healthy foods, cutting out snacks and not eating after I finish supper.

I realize I haven't been keeping up with my blog, so if no one is reading this that is fine, it is still a way for me to track my progress, however, if there is anyone still reading that has some tasty healthy recipes, please let me know.

Friday, December 2, 2011

...5 months later

So i knew it had been a while since I last posted, but 5 months! So A LOT has happened in 5 months. We now have a little boy who will be 3 months old tomorrow. Sophie had her 1st birthday. And we bought a house and are all moved in.

This is his birth story...

Finn Anderson Quist was born on Sept 3 at 8:14pm. He was 3 weeks early! My water broke on the 1st, but I didn't realize that's what it was. I was having contractions and leaking fluid for 2 days before going to the hospital. I just thought it was false labor because we were so far from his due date. My 1st contraction happened when Sophie and I were at Hatfield Farms petting zoo with Mom and Amy. We did some shopping after that. The contractions were pretty irregular. I was able to sleep though the night. Then the next day I relaxed, but that evening Chad and I went to get groceries and went out to eat. The contractions were getting more intense during dinner so when we got home i called the IWK and they told me if I wanted to be checked I could come in but they might end up sending me home. After that the contractions kind of subsided so I decided to wait. That night I couldn't sleep and at 3am the contractions were more regular and intense. At 6am I decided to wake up Chad and go to the hospital. At this point was was wondering if my water had broken so I wanted to make sure that the baby was ok. We got to the hospital and got assessed. It took a long time becau
se they were over flowing with pregnant woman! They confirmed that my water broke, but after checking out the baby, they were sending me home to wait. They had zero empty beds and said I could wait there but it might be a few hours so I could wait at home and they would call me when they had space. So just as we were leaving the hospital Chad (who was on call that weekend) got called into work. He called around to see if someone else would be able to fill in for him. No one could help. He is an electrician so it wasn't like he was called in for a shift, someone just needed something fixed. So i called Mom and Dad, because they were going to come stay with Sophie, and they headed to our place while Chad went to work. The hospital called just as Mom and Dad got to our place. mom stayed with Sophie, and Dad drove me to the hospital. I called Chad on the way and he was just finishing up and was going to meet us at the hospital.
Dad stayed with me until Chad got there. When Chad showed up it was around 4pm. Since my water broke more than 24 hrs before they started me on the oxytocin, i was having contractions but they wanted it to move faster. I didn't an epidural right away because with Sophie I got one early on and her labor lasted 17 hours. I didn't want that to happen again. So I waited as long as I could. Finally I asked for one. So the nurse checked me and I was 8 cm dilated. She said she could ask them to come give me one or she could break my water and it would progress really fast after that. (My water had been leaking the past 2 days but Finn's head was blocking the hole so it didn't burst or drain quickly.) I decided to get the epidural. The doctor came to check me before they went into an emergency c section. She said that she had never seen someone's water that big! And that as soon as they broke it the baby would be here within minutes. So they were going to wait until after they did the c section. So Chad and I just waited. I had gotten the epidural but it only worked on one side. So I was still feeling most of the pain. It wasn't long until during a contraction my water broke on it's own. Oh man, this may be gross to some people but it filled the bed. I had to change my clothes and the sheets etc. Just after my water broke, the doctors came in and said it was perfect timing because they just finished with the c section. Then I had the urge to was intense. I never had that with Sophie. 7 minutes of pushing and Finn was here. He was 3 weeks early and he weighted 9 lbs 7 oz. I cant imagine how big he would have been 3 weeks later. I knew he was going to be big! Poor guy didn't have a name for basically 2 days. I had been wanting to use Finn for a while but we hadn't committed to it for a few reasons. Finally I couldn't think of any other name that even came close, so Finn it was. I also LOVE his middle name. I would use it as a 1st name if the only nickname to come out of it wasn't Andy. So Finn was released even though he had a bit of jaundice. We were told to get him checked by our family doctor within 2 days. We did that and his jaundice level was still not coming down so we were readmitted to the hospital so he could be under the uv lights for 24 hours. After that he started to turn a normal color.

Finn is perfect. He is so calm and happy. He just started giggling a few days ago and his laugh sounds the same as Sophie's did.

So we bought a house...This summer we decided we were in a good position to buy a house and wanted to move before Finn was born. We contacted a Mortgage broker and real estate agent and the whole process was really quick. We started looking the end of july and had put in an offer with in 2 weeks. We wanted it to be a quick closing and asked the closing date to be Sept 7th so we would have a few weeks before the baby came t
o move in and get settled. Well, Finn had his own plans... he came on the 3rd, our final walk through for the house was on the 5th. We were still in the hospital on the 5th so Chad had to go alone. It was all a bit stressful. Then after they released us, Finn had to go back in to the hospital for a 24 hours period. We weren't released the 2nd time until Friday at 6pm and we were moving the next morning. Mom and Dad were staying wi
th Sophie and did some last minute packing for us which was a huge help!! Seriously stressful! But we moved in and everything is settled now.

So, Sophie and Finn are the same age for 10 days of the year. Sophie turned 1 on Sept 13th. We had a party for her that weekend. Actually we had 2 parties. We may have a house now but we have so many family members are friends that there was no way we would be able to fit everyone in our place. So on Saturday we had all our family over to celebrate. And then sunday night we invited friends over to eat some cake and ice cream.
At 1 year old Sophie is a very smart little girl. She talks ALL the time. Her only real words i can make out are Mamma, Dadda and Hi. She is close to saying a few other words. She love patti cake and the itsy bitsy spider. She likes to spin around and clap and dance. She can blow bubbles with her spit...i know it sounds gross, but it's really funny to see. She loves books, and she loves Finn. She also likes when i put her socks on. She is a very funny, sweet and ridiculously cute little girl and we are lucky to have her in our little family of four!

It's been a busy 5 months, but I have 2 very calm babies which makes life a little easier. They have dealt with all the changes very well.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Think Blue...

On this past Tuesday we went to 3d Miracles to find out if baby number 2 is a boy or girl. To my amazement we are having a BOY! I really didn't have any feelings as to whether this baby was a boy or a girl but I think I just assumed it was going to be a girl. On Chad's side of the family, by the end of Sept there will be 8 grandchildren, and including our little guy there will be 2 boys. Quist's mostly have girls so I am a little shocked. But excited. I cant wait to dress him. I generally like boy baby clothes over girl stuff. It just think it is cuter!

I dont have any pictures yet because other than baby boy letting us know his gender he was not very cooperative. They couldn't get any good pictures of his face. We are going back in a few weeks to get pictures so hopefully he is workin the camera that day!

We aren't really sure on names yet so if you have some suggestions, let me hear'em!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Word search

I just found this online and thought it was fun. It's a physiological word search. The 1st 3 words you see are supposed to describe you. I am not putting any real faith in this especially after finding my words, but it's fun to try!

The 3 words i saw first were...

1) Crush

I dont think there were any crushes in my past that i ever peeped on, but still fun!!
What are your 3 words?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eating Habits

We have been in New Glasgow for the last 6 and a half weeks, and we have about a week left. Chad has been taking a course for work and after this and one more big exam on the 30th he will be a full Electrician. We are pretty excited for him to finish! Anyway, we have been staying at my parents place and it has been great. Sophie's has been growing so much while we were here and it was good that my family could she her progress. She is a funny little baby. She is a talker, and a starer. I think she could take anyone in a staring contest. However, I have a pretty hard time feeding her. She tried cereal first, and seemed to like it, then I gave her peas... I have a video of her first experience with peas which i will try to post later but oh man it's funny. She gaged like 3 times. Carrots are the same, she is not a big fan. And now I think that whenever I put a spoon to her mouth she thinks i am giving her peas or carrots and keeps her mouth shut pretty tight, even if it is just cereal. I hope she gets over it pretty quick.

Not much else is going on... we are hanging out here until after the easter weekend because we cant miss out on the easter egg hunt. Yep... my dad still hides candy for us big kids. I am sure it is pretty funny to watch, 5 or 6 adults between the ages of 24 and 28 running around the house or yard looking for eggs. I think the tradition might change in the next few years so that the hunt will be for the grandchildren.

Well tonight it is my plan to try Sophie with Sweet Potato's, wish me luck!