Friday, January 30, 2009

6 Things....

So Julia Tagged me, and I enjoy doing these little things to past the time at work so here we go!

Rules: Write 6 random things about myself, link the person who tagged you & post the rules. Tag six people. Let them know they have been tagged.

1) I cut myself on anything...and on a daily bases. Yesterday I cut myself on my seatbelt! It doesn't even have to have a sharp edge, i'll find a way!

2) I hate the toy jack in a box...even though I know it is about to pop out, it still freaks me out.

3) I change my clothes one item at a time so that if the house catches on fire while I am changing I dont have to run outside half dressed. I am always afraid my house is going to burn down.

4) I can say the alphabet backwards...pretty fast, about as fast as saying it forwards. I use to ALWAYS have the alphabet song stuck in my head...for like years, and still to this day i randomly find myself singing it.

5) I dream every night and I hate it! I never get a good sleep! And my dreams are always crazy!
If anyone knows how to not dream at night...let me know!

6) I am not an overly ambitious person, but whenever i hear that something is impossible i have to try it...for instance... i heard you cant sneeze with your eyes open, so I have tried it...I cant!
However, I heard it was impossible to lick your elbow...i tried it and guess what...NOT IMPOSSIBLE!! I can lick my elbow! So dont let anyone tell you something is impossible!

Now I tag...

Caverly S
Robyn W
Nikki N
Keah O
Renae C
Amy M (even though she probably wont do it!)

Have fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let me explain...

Ok, I am the worst blogger ever lately!!! But it has been a busy 2 months! I honestly cant believe it is going to be Feburary next week! Anyway Things have been busy... in December, lets be honest, everyone is busy so I have no real excuse except I thought I was doing good with my Christmas shopping as I started in Oct, but then it was all of a sudden 2 weeks before christmas and I was still not finished!

We had a nice christmas, we went to my parents place and I got to talk to my little sister on Christmas day for a few minutes. She is in Italy on her mission (which is like half over already! I cant believe how time flies!) So that was a lot of fun!
New Years was fun, we spent out night with Shane and Jessica and Nathan and Caverly. It was a lot of fun, playing games, good food and fun non alcoholic drinks!

Then I had my birthday, which Chad threw me a surprise party! I am not one for surprises, but it wasn't too bad! I honestly had no idea!! Chad really is the best husband ever! He went all out for that party! And he bought me a photo printer which works great!! I cant believe I am 25! Scary!
Also, for the past month and a half we have had Chad's sister Mallory and her husband Jake staying with us. It is sometimes hard sharing your space with other people like that, but last night they decided they were going to stay with Chad's Mom and try to get an apartment in her was almost sad having them leave. They were living in bridgewater, so having them in Dartmouth will be nice, we will be able to hang out a lot more often!

And on top of it all Chad started school at the begining of January. He has to take four 6 week blocks of school, one each year. He hasn't be able to get in until now, so he wil be doing 2 block for school this year, but he has had to adjust to the homework and tests and projects. He is doing very well though! I miss the paychecks though!

So, like I said...we have been busy...nothing too exciting, but lots to do!

I am going to end this post with a few pictures! (that's another reason I am slack! I dont like to post with out pictures, so I will have to try to take more pictures!)

This is my parents house all decorated for Christmas that my sister did...Chad said it's not real decorating unless you use a ladder! I think it looks nice!

On Christmas eve in new glasgow they have Santa travel all around the town on a fire truck, he goes up and down all of the takes all night, anyway we heard the sirens so we went out to see him coming, I got bored waiting so I built a mini snow man on the front step.
Unfortunately he had melted the next morning! RIP

I almost forgot....Today is my little sister Laura's 22nd Birthday! Like I said, she is in Italy, but I want to say happy birthday anyway! This is a picture of my siblings ( it is like a year or so old) Laura, Alec and Amy!

Well, now that I have caught up the last 2 months I will update more often!