Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween and Blessing Day

I am not much for Halloween, even as a kid I hated it. But I will try not to pass on my opinions on stuff like that to Sophie...she can decide for herself if she likes halloween. Anyway, my sister Laura just happened to have given me some baby clothes, which included a little frog costume. I tried it on her and she looked so cute/funny that we just had to use it. Here she is all dressed up like a frog...

Another big day for Sophie was Sunday Nov 7th. She was blessed at Church. We had lots of family come and it turned out to be a great day dispite the rain. My Mom made her dress, Chad's Mom bought her a gorgeous little bracelet and my Grandfather found her some cute little white shoes. She looked so pretty on her special day...

This picture is of all those who participated in Sophie's blessing.
Back- Jake (Brother in Law) Chad's Dad, My Dad, my Grandfather.
Front- Logan (Brother in Law) Brant (Brother in Law) Chad with Sophie and Alec (my Brother)

Now we are trying to decide what we want to give Sophie for her 1st Christmas. Time is flying by, it will be Christmas before we know it. She is already 8 weeks old and will be getting her 2 month needles at the end of the week! Crazy!