Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Our life has been a little hectic lately! On April 7th I was at home around lunch time when the fire alarm went off in our building. It was not a plaaned on so I evcauated. Me and another lady were out side wondering what was going on. We found the Super and he told us that there was no fire and we could go back to our apartments. We had been outside for maybe 10 minutes. I walk back into my apartment and there is a waterfall of water coming from our ceiling in the dining area. I ran an told the super. It turns out that the guy upstairs broke one of the sprinkler heads and set off the system. His apartment was flooding and so ours was flooding too.

The super got it all under control pretty quickly. Not without a lot of damage doe to the ceiling and floor of our apartment. We stayed at Chad's brother's place for the rest of that week. We were waiting to hear when they would be starting to fix the place. Well, last thursday they started the repairs. It was the 22nd! It took them so long to figure out what insurance company was responsible blah we are the ones suffering! The repairs should be done by the end of this week! We have had fun hanging out with Calla, Reese and Bjorn. They are pretty funny kids! It will be nice to have our own space again, but we happy we have such welcoming family that let us stay with them!

Our baby is doing well I believe. I have heard the heart beat 2 times so far and my doctor says the heart beat is very good. She said it is slow and I am carrying quite low. She thinks it's a boy, which I have thought it was a boy for a while now. We will have to wait and see. We are going to make an appointment with 3D miracles for the end of May.
Last night I felt the baby move for the first time! It was a weird fluttering feeling. I have felt it a few times this morning as well. It's pretty awesome! I just love this kid so much already!!

I might take a belly picture soon. I am just barely showing now, I will probably post one soon.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Dreams

I have a question for all of the Mother's out there.
While you were pregnant, did you dream about your baby? If so, were you accurate when it came to the gender of the baby?