Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Few Faves

Here are a few things I love! Some of them I have experienced, some I just want!

I am just lovin the song Beggin' by Madcon! I like the original version by the Four Seasons but the newer version just makes me want to dance!

Stewart Black Cherry pop. I LOVE black cherry pop! I told Chad the other day that when we buy a house I want to install a "water"fountain that supplies me with black cherry pop 24/7. I was half kidding!

This is a recent purchase I made from ebay...120 eye shadow pallet from Coastal Scents. I have been having fun playing with this the last 2 weeks. I love the rainbow eye that I do...I feel like Rainbow Bright! (not that i would wear it in public, but it is fun to play)

This watch is something that I dont have, but want! How cool is it? It is called the Nooka Mirrored Zot V2. It is a little more than I can afford for a watch, but I am keeping my eye out for it on ebay. Just to demonstrate how it works... in this picture the time is 8:25pm and 55 seconds.

Now, I love online is so much better than going to the store. As you probably all know I love ebay! But I also love, where else would you be able to find Sushi packing tape and mouth spray that lets you instantly look and feel canadian? Obviously this site is for gag gifts, but i like to give those every once in a while...this is your place to find it!

I love croissants! Almost every time i go home for a visit my Mom has croissants waiting for me!

Lastly, I love these 2 magazines! They have such fun easy ideas! I am not creative, i need these magazines to copy from! Great ideas!