Sunday, June 24, 2007

I finally did at last, kinda

So, after a few friendly reminders from Kristi and Julia today that I have been slack on my I am again.

The past week has been fun. First thing monday morning, after disscussing it with Chad of course, I quit my job!!!! I am so happy about it too. However I wish it could have went a little differently. I told my boss that I had applied for another job with the Dept of Natural Resources as an HR assistant (that I totally want by the way!) I told him it pays way more money and that I just wanted to give him advanced notice in case I get the job. I thought it was all pretty clear that I wanted to leave, but he asked me to reconsider...if i dont get the other job. So if i dont get the other job I am going to have to quit all over again. But I did it once so I can do it again. However, this past week has been pretty great! Since they dont want me to leave they have been doing my work for me, trying to suck up i guess. It was awesome. But I am leaving anyway.

Then on Monday night...a buch of us went to the movies. I dont know why but I love going as a big group, it's so much fun! Lets see..there was me and Chad, Julia and Josh, Meaghan and Jason, Whitney and Dan, and Katrina. We went to see Oceans 13 which I would recommend to everyone. I enjoyed myself. After the movie we chatted a bit at second cup, then all went our seperate ways. It was a good family home evening.

The rest of the week was...kinda uneventful but I did buy some roses that I found at superstore. I had to buy them for myself cause Chad never does stuff like that, but they were too is a picture.

Saturday I saw Kristi. Tanya and Karlee put on a good baby shower for her. She got a ton of stuff. It will be very exciting to see what their little man looks like. Krisit you will have to come visit again after he is born.

Here is Kristi opening presents.

It was a good time to soialize as well. And time for Julia to soak up all the babies.
Julia has to be next to have a baby...she has the magic touch. Morgan falls asleep everytime she is with Julia...she is so cute.

Not a whole lot else happened this week...but i did take a cute picture of Chad before bed one night. He looks so cozy!

Just one more thing....I just wanted to say to need to start a blog or at least facebook, I know you are a busy mother of 2, but I need to see more Eva and Emily pictures, and where else is better than on a blog!

Have a good week every one!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

BBQ weekend

Hello All...I hope eveyone is enjoying their sunny (with cloudy periods) sunday. Well, that's what it is like in Halifax anyway. This weekend was pretty good. Chad and I got to move some funiture for Brant and Melissa this wekend. They got a bunch of awesome stuff from some people in their ward who are moving. Kinda jealous of the leather couch and love seat. I'll get over it soon i'm sure. Then later that night Julia and I finally got to spend some long awaited time together catching up. There is nothing like some good girl talk over a frozen hot chocolate at second cup.

Then on Saturday I had to go into work for a little in the morning, but was finished up at about 12. Chad and I were hoping to head out to Peggy's cove, but we decided to wait and go another day that is a little sunnier and warmer. We had a nice relaxing afternoon. Then we had a bbq with the Binghams. We had tonnes of food. Chicken, Ribs, pasta Salad, Watermelon, and Cherries. It was soo good. I got to hang out with little Rebekah. She is too cute. I have a few pictures of our time together.

Rebekah's before dinner snack.

The Boys out cooking the meat

And of course....the meat. Look at those honkin ribs! Superstore had some good sales!
So it was a good evening, watched movies with the kids and ate too much. Chad and I are babysitting Eric, Jared and Rebekah on Thursday this week. Should be some more fun had, and more pictures I hope. I finally bought a memory card for my camera, 2gb so I have lots of room for pictures!
I am not looking forward to tomorrow...that is the one thing i dont like about sundays...the next day is monday and I have to go back to work. I'll be glad when that is not the case...hope you all had a good weekend!! Bye for now.