Sunday, July 22, 2007

Post #3: Our weekend away!

So this past weekend, Chad and I, and Josh and Julia went on an adventure! Well, kind of. For Josh's Birthday Julia wanted to do something special so she arranged for a weekend at a cottage on the subinacide river with some Tidal bore rafting. She invited Chad and I to come along, I think the invite was mainly to split the cost...just kidding!! Anyway everything was planned and we were getting excited, then Julia called one day just to confirm, and they had lost our resvervation! So after calming Julia down...;) We started to look for somewhere else to go.

We found a place in Annapolis Royal at a cabin and then planned to do some golfing on Saturday. So we were all luck enough to get off work on friday a little early and head out. We arrived at the cabin at about 7:30sih. It wasn't too bad, a little rough around the edges, but it served it's purpose. We had a bon fire, roasted marshmallows, and the boys played in the fire. Then we went inside to enjoy a little satilite tv and some board games. Then we headed off to bed...I think I am still feeling the effects of that bed, it was pretty hard. Josh and Julia were on the pull out couch which wasn't any better than the bed. But we lived to tell about it.

In the morning we got up, watched some more TV, the boys went for a dip in the pool, and then we were on our way. We drove to Upper Clements park and went to the wildlife park. It was quick but we got some good pictures. Then we got some food and hung around the town before or tee off time at 4pm. We went looking for some new pants for Julia, I should have taken a picture of the only place around that sold anything remotely close to wearable was kinda sad.
Anyway we had fun walking around the town and Fort Anne. Then we went golfing. Well that was an experience. I have golfed once before, so it was pretty new to me still. We only golfed the first 9 holes which I was a little grateful for. It was perfect weather though. It was warm but not too warm and a little overcast so that the sun wasn't in our eyes but no rain. I heard it rained in the city, so we were lucky!

Then we headed home, stopped for some food on the way and then into the city for about 10pm. It was a great weekend though, lots of laughs and fun! Thanks for inviting us along Julia!

Now for the good

This is the outside of our cabin...#7

Thia is the bedroom...where Chad and I slept

This is the couch, where Josh and Julia slept

Bath room and Kitchen ( I think the bath room was the nicest part of the whole thing)

This is the little playground fully equipt with buoy and all...the boys had fun

This is the sign by the pool...the boys took the seemed pretty good though.

Apparently they have problems with glow sticks...who would have thought.

Our awesome Fire...with a tree right in the middle

A couple in love and a couple of bloggers

Julia takin' a canon for a ride and above this there are 2 pictures tha for some reaseon I cant label, is a cougar and the other is a rea bird...he was putting on a pretty good show for us!

I love this picture of Chad golfing!

That was about it, hope you all had a great weekend too!

Post 2: Birthdays and Showers

First this month we had Josh's birthday. That was fun, Julia made him a transformer ice cream cake, and by "made" I mean called Dariy Queen and arranged a pick up, but it was a soild effort! Good Job Julia! The cake was awesome and there were a few people there to celebrate.

Josh blowing out all 24 candles!

Then on the 17th it was my Mom's birthday... She turned 46 years young. (I hope she doesn't mind me wrting that, but I wouldn't think that it would matter since she is still so young!) I sent her a card but I'll have to bring a present home next time we go.

On the 13th Sister Hartling had a very nice baby shower for Aleisha and Elena. Elena is so cute. She got a ton of presents and we all had a great time. I must say, I enjoyed making my presest for her. I am not creative at all so this was a triumph for me. I think it looked good. I made a diaper cake. I had found one on the internet as a gift idea and though I could make one too. We played a few games and had some treats. It was a good time.
Here is the new grandmother and grandaughter

The new Mom, open gifts..looking great!

This is my diaper cake..i think it is cute. It is made of Diapers and then had little gifts hidden in the layers.

And finally, I went to Karen's Bridal Shower. Sonja did a great job planning it. We played a few games and had some great food, and Karen got alot of helpful gifts! Karen and I were talking the week before about how she loves to be the centre of attention and this was her perfect venue! just kidding. Karen is not a fan of the attention and turned red a couple of times, but all in all i think we all had a great time! Also...Karen is so on top of things...this shower was on the 14th and I got a thank you card from her today at church (the 22nd) Very organized!!! You'll have to teach me some of your skills Karen!
This was one of the games: toilet paper wedding dresses. Our group did the 2 young girls Jessica and Sarah...great Models!And Karen who's face is the same color as her new outfit! Matches her kitchen appliences!

Post 1 Canada Day Weekend

I cant believe how far beind I am on my posts! But I am going to copy Julia's idea and do a couple of quick posts with pictures to get caught up.

Post number 1 Canada Day
So that firday began with an awesome bithday dinner for Katrina. A bunch of us girls got together and went out to eat at Pizza Delight. It was a lot of fun.

Katrina Opening Presents

Meaghan and Mallory doing mazes and coloring the back of their placemats...they were very good at staying in the lines!

Then right after dinner, Chad and I left to go to my parents for the weekend. We spent out time relaxing, swimming and watching fire works. I saw fireworks 3 times that weekend! Fireworks and probably my favorite thing ever! Also, my Dad was on his annual camping trip tp PEI and I wanted to spend some time with him so we went over to see him on sunday and camped with him till monday. It was good we got to see everyone. It was also our first camping trip of the summer. Here are some pictures:
This is my parents pool, my 2 sisters enjoying the cold water!
This is Chad, Steve and Amy on the ferry over to PEI. I have no idea what they were looking at

We were trying to many adults they have in here? What do you think?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I cant decide!

Grrr....I cant find a format for my blog that I actually like, so I am probably going to be changing it all the time. I am going with Green right now but I am still not in love with it!
More later..i have lots of picture I wantto post but they are all on my home computer!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

They wont let me quit with ease!!

So, I haven't updated in a while, and I still want to post about my july 1st weekend, but the pictures are on my computer at home and haven't had a lot of time. But...i thought I would post anyway since I am alone here at work.
So Monday I was determined to give my final notice for my job. I couldn't get an opportuinty to be alone in the office with my boss, and then he took off early, so I was a little discouraged. I decided to write him an email so that at least he knew and i could talk to him about it more in person the next day. So I told him I was leaving and that my last day was going to be the 20th.
He wrote me and email back asking me to stay and offering me more money and a different job. Here are som highlites from the email...

"I really don't want (and can't) lose you and your skills in my office"
"I want you to be the right hand person/man"

I was really hoping for a clean break and now it is awkward. Seriously, after i read the email it seemed like I had just broken up with him, too weird.
Now I have to do it again! I'll be talking to him today about it, I am not staying. Even though it is more is a job i dont want to do and i would still hate going to work.
Anyone have a new baby that I could borrow so I could claim I need maternity leave? That would be easier.

Anyway...I also got a new calling at church, I dont know why but I can never have less than 3 callings at one time, it's like impossible! I am now the new Mia Maids Advisor in Young Womans. It should be fun. I'm a little nervous about it, but should be fine once I get to know the girls.

Anyway I better get back to work, I will post some pictures later tonight hopefully.
Have a good day!