Wednesday, July 11, 2007

They wont let me quit with ease!!

So, I haven't updated in a while, and I still want to post about my july 1st weekend, but the pictures are on my computer at home and haven't had a lot of time. But...i thought I would post anyway since I am alone here at work.
So Monday I was determined to give my final notice for my job. I couldn't get an opportuinty to be alone in the office with my boss, and then he took off early, so I was a little discouraged. I decided to write him an email so that at least he knew and i could talk to him about it more in person the next day. So I told him I was leaving and that my last day was going to be the 20th.
He wrote me and email back asking me to stay and offering me more money and a different job. Here are som highlites from the email...

"I really don't want (and can't) lose you and your skills in my office"
"I want you to be the right hand person/man"

I was really hoping for a clean break and now it is awkward. Seriously, after i read the email it seemed like I had just broken up with him, too weird.
Now I have to do it again! I'll be talking to him today about it, I am not staying. Even though it is more is a job i dont want to do and i would still hate going to work.
Anyone have a new baby that I could borrow so I could claim I need maternity leave? That would be easier.

Anyway...I also got a new calling at church, I dont know why but I can never have less than 3 callings at one time, it's like impossible! I am now the new Mia Maids Advisor in Young Womans. It should be fun. I'm a little nervous about it, but should be fine once I get to know the girls.

Anyway I better get back to work, I will post some pictures later tonight hopefully.
Have a good day!


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

hey, thanks for the post, i was wondering when we'd get an update.
so yea, your boss sounds like you broke up with him eh? maybe you should just not show up, and then he can send you flowers and candy etc.
let me know how it goes and see you tonight.

Beckey & Travis Buxton said...

I have been wondering what happened with the job thing, sorry he is being difficult! At least you know you are appreciated. When I was a supervisor, if somebody quit that wasn't a good employee, I would just accept their notice and not say a word. Only the good ones do you beg to stay! So be a little flattered!

Anonymous said...

I'm the Beehive advisor in Cole Harbour Ward and I love it! I'm sure you'll have fun with you calling. The Young Women are great...I guess I'm lucky cause my girls are a bit younger...not quite so teenager ish yet!! Good luck though with that and with the job fiasco! You could just have a baby of your own.....

Drennans said...

holy moly! it's like the job that just never ends!!!! good luck with that! AND your three callings!

...Donny and Karlee... said...

Hi Ashley! I've looked at your blog a few times and have just never known how to leave a comment! It's very cute! These blogs are great! We'll be able to keep in touch way better. What's the latest with the job? Just tell them that you do enough work for your church! I'm sure they'll understand! :)