Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tagged again!

It seems lately that the only time I blog is when I am tagged! So thanks Nikki!
I do have a blog in the making so stayed tuned!
So here goes....

Favorite Person (outside of family)? Oh there are so many! Elysa, Julia, Caverly, Jessica and Heather. They are all great for so many reasons!!

Favorite Food? well...i love pasta. But lately I have been craving jerked chicken from Mr. Jerk! There are none around here, and I tried making it at home and it is just not the same!!

Quirks about you? There are too many weird things about me... I can only whisle if I suck the air in, also, I have no actual proof other than the way my pants fit, but I am pretty sure one leg is shorter than the other.

Any regrets in life? Um...not really regrets, there may be a few things I would have done differently, like university... I might have chosen a different career path, but I dont regret my education. Does that make sense??

Favorite Charity/Cause? I really like the make a wish foundation, also anything to do with alzheimer research.

Favorite Blog recently? I liked Julia's post about Lyla Ladybug....I just love that kid those pictures are so cute!!

Something you can't get enough of? Time with Chad....we get to spend a lot of time together and I love it! But I would take more if I could! Also...reading is a new obsession of mine!

Worst Job you've ever had? I'm pretty sure my current job as Office Manager at a placement agency is my worst job yet!!

What job would you pay not to have? any position in a fast food resturaunt. I couldn't do that!

Guilty Pleasure? online shopping and chick flicks!

Got any confessions? I cant think of anything...

If you had $1000 dollars to spend on yourself how would you spend it? I would need to travel!

Favorite thing about your house? It has a hallway! our old place was a big box! oh and 2 bathrooms!

Least favorite thing about your house? It's a rental!

One thing you are bad at? keeping in touch with people!

One thing you are good at? Listening... I really dont mind when people need to vent! Bring it on!

If you could change one thing about your circumstances, what would it be? I would have a different job!

Who would you like to meet someday? um...Brandon Boyd maybe.

What makes you feel sexy? I dont's been a while!

Who is your real life hero? Well... my parents! They are amazing! They are both so strong in the gospel, they are smart, they have a great relationship. Mom has a very calming nature and Dad is crazy and funny! They are both great!

What is the hardest part of your job? dealing with riff raff!

When are you most relaxed? When my apartment is clean and I have nothing to do!

What can you not live without? family and good friends.

Why do you blog? to keep family and friends up to date with whats going on in our lives, to keep in touch, to keep a's like my journal!

Who are you tagging? Julia and Caverly!