Tuesday, October 23, 2007

There's nothing like a good trip home...

This weekend, Chad and I went home for a little visit. We weren't able to make it down for Thanksgiving so this was our first opportunity. We left right after work on Friday. I hate how dark it is now by like 7 pm. Oh the winter...how I hate it! But this weekend certianly didn't feel like winter! Friday night we just relaxed. Then on Saturday it was raining in the morning but by the afternoon it had cleared up and was quite warm. We did some shopping and running around...I am quite proud...I got some christmas shopping done! I have been saying for like 3 weeks now that I wanted to start shopping for Chirstmas because it come so quickly! I only got a few things but you have to start somewhere.

I love it when we go home to visit ... my Mom always makes fun meals. On saturday we had a cheese fondue. It was quite enjoyable! We had like lots of vegtables, 2 kinds of meat and bread. I just love to dip!

Sunday was went to church and then did some more relaxing. Also we had a little photo shoot. Amy (my older sister) is taking a photography course and has a good camera so we has some fun.
Here are a few pictures from that shoot...

Also, we decided to play with make up... I enjoyed that! * a little background note... for the past few years I have wanted to take a make up artist course...I even looked into the one that the HDC puts on. I dont have the money for it now, but I would like to do it in the future.
So Amy and I each took an side of my little sister's (Laura) face and did what we wanted. Amy went a more traditional route with the smokey eye, which turned out really nice!
I went for magazine ad makeup...

here is a picture of what I came up with. Now I am obviously not a professional, but not bad ( i thought) It looked much brighter in person!

We had lots of fun. Then we had to leave...I hate leaving. We got home and went to bed...just in time for a new work week.

I should have lots to talk about for my next entry, Big night tonight...we bought a new table that is getting delivered to our apartment tonight (pictures soon) and best of all...Visiting teachers came over last night! And I think Chad and I will be buying a couch set some time this week too. I will update again soon!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, I have been a little slack. But that main reason for that is because I am boring! I dont do anything fun! I go to work, eat, sleep, callings, and watch a little TV...that is it. I am totally boring. Are there any idea's how I could make life a little more exciting? Something that is fun but doesn't require a whole lot of time!

One thing that is new...I got a new computer...totally excited about that. I bought it on Kijiji. I totally love Kijiji.... There are some great finds on Kijij! I would put a picture up, but i dont have the right software on the computer yet.

Right now Chad and I are in the market for a new table and a new couch. I really want both, but I started paying back my student loan as of this month! I think we are going to try to swing it anyway, they are badly needed! It is more of a need than a want, so i can justify it!

This weekend we dont have much planned...the young woman in the halifax ward are doing there annual fundrasier tomorrow...we are going to be making over 300 pizza's...should be lots of fun! If you ordered any pizza...pick up time is between 1 and 3 tomorrow!

Well, since I am at work, I better do something productive...hope you all have a good weekend!
And I will try to do something fun this week so I can post about it!