Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, I have been a little slack. But that main reason for that is because I am boring! I dont do anything fun! I go to work, eat, sleep, callings, and watch a little TV...that is it. I am totally boring. Are there any idea's how I could make life a little more exciting? Something that is fun but doesn't require a whole lot of time!

One thing that is new...I got a new computer...totally excited about that. I bought it on Kijiji. I totally love Kijiji.... There are some great finds on Kijij! I would put a picture up, but i dont have the right software on the computer yet.

Right now Chad and I are in the market for a new table and a new couch. I really want both, but I started paying back my student loan as of this month! I think we are going to try to swing it anyway, they are badly needed! It is more of a need than a want, so i can justify it!

This weekend we dont have much planned...the young woman in the halifax ward are doing there annual fundrasier tomorrow...we are going to be making over 300 pizza's...should be lots of fun! If you ordered any pizza...pick up time is between 1 and 3 tomorrow!

Well, since I am at work, I better do something productive...hope you all have a good weekend!
And I will try to do something fun this week so I can post about it!


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

get the freakin software loaded you fool!
p.s grey's is exciting, you can always talk about that.

The Buxton's said...

One suggestion that will definitely make your life more interesting...


You will never be bored again!

Glad to see you updated, even though there are no pics!

The Bing's said...

That's super exciting that you got a new computer...i agree with julia...get the photo software!! What kind of computer is it?? We got our sofa's from World Wide Furniture and we LOVE them...and if you are in the market for a table or anything wood...go to Lake City Woodworkers over in Dartmouth...It's beautiful hard wood furniture which is not easy to find...if you buy them un finished they knock off 30%...Chads a talented guy he could totally stain them!! Anyway keep us all posted on anything may think your boring...but we sure don't!!! Hope you and chad had fun at the book store tonight!!!

chantelle brade said...

Oh, it was so much fun making those pizzas this morning...good times, good times. I hope they tasted good. i will have to have one tomorrow.
kijiji it a rocking hot spot. Awesome deals on anything you want. Its better than ebay.

Rob said...

you know what makes life not boring...joining a fantasy football league!!! Okay, but you know what else? Make a movie with windows movie maker (it comes with windows vista...if you have it). I am trying to make one about Morgan's birth. I just use photos and music (along with text). It's fun.

Drennans said...

well that's fun...a new computer! Umm and I think Beckey's right...have a baby ha ha ha...then you can make them talk for you!!

Anonymous said...

Holy pizza!!! That's a ton of pizza! I hope it went well.. What's this place (or site) that you got your comp from? I'm interested in checking it out if it's a website. Nate and I are in the market for one too. Good luck on finding chairs and couches... that would be so much fun:)