Saturday, June 4, 2011

Think Blue...

On this past Tuesday we went to 3d Miracles to find out if baby number 2 is a boy or girl. To my amazement we are having a BOY! I really didn't have any feelings as to whether this baby was a boy or a girl but I think I just assumed it was going to be a girl. On Chad's side of the family, by the end of Sept there will be 8 grandchildren, and including our little guy there will be 2 boys. Quist's mostly have girls so I am a little shocked. But excited. I cant wait to dress him. I generally like boy baby clothes over girl stuff. It just think it is cuter!

I dont have any pictures yet because other than baby boy letting us know his gender he was not very cooperative. They couldn't get any good pictures of his face. We are going back in a few weeks to get pictures so hopefully he is workin the camera that day!

We aren't really sure on names yet so if you have some suggestions, let me hear'em!