Monday, July 14, 2008

This and that...

It is July 14th already....where does the time go?
Since it is July 14th, I want to say Happy Anniversary to Brant and Melissa Quist. Today is there 7th wedding anniversary! Also on July 4th my parents celebrated there 27th wedding anniversary! The summer is always full of weddings which I love!!

So, the summer has been good so far. Last weekend we went to my parents place for the weekend which was very relaxing! I love going there it is like an escape! The pool wasn't ready yet, they are having some work done on it, but maybe next time we will get some pool time in!

This past weekend was pretty uneventful except for our blender incident! On friday Chad decided he wanted to make a smoothy, so he got out the blender and fruit, but turns out our blender doesn't work anymore. So on saturday we were out shopping around and decided to get a new blender. I didn't want to spend like $80 on a blender but also didn't want a cheap one. So we decided to by a middle of the road one for like $50 so if it broke a year or 2 down the road no big deal. So we got home and Chad decided to test it out and make a smoothy. He put all the stuff in and then turned it on. I started to smell something burning, then there was smoke coming from the bottom of the blender. So Chad turned it off and you could hear that it was on fire.
So needless to say we will be returning that blender!! Our whole apartment smelled! And I was worried that the sprinkler system would turn on. I know that the sprinklers are activated by a tempature monitor, but I am still worried it is going to turn on if the smoke detectot goes off and gets all of our stuff wet! question for you is what blender is best? We need a new one, what brand should we get?

Also, I have discovered that I HATE napping! I never used to do it because I always felt it was a waste of time. But lately Chad and I have had sunday naps and I hate them!! I feel useless and more tired when I get up! NO MORE NAPS!!

Oh one other thing.... I got a new calling!! I am excited! I am now the 2nd counslor in YW's. Up until last week I was an advisor in YW's, i've moved up a little, which wont change a whole lot, we have some great advisors who are treated more like counselors anyway but I am excited, and I am excited to have Caverly Smith as the new president! She is a lot of fun and she will do a great job!

OK, back to work...I hope you all had a great weekend!!