Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So this past weekend I had my first experience with a Wii. On Saturday night Chad and I got together with Josh and Julia for some dinner and then played some games on the Wii. I am still unsure how to refer to it...is it a Wii, the Wii or just Wii...I'm so behind! Anyway dispite the fact that I dont know what to call it... I am awsome at it! Well, ok lets not get carried away...I suck at bowling, tennis and baseball, but I can hold my own when it comes to boxing! I beat Chad and Josh with out too much difficulty. I'm sure Julia would have beaten me but she wasn't feeling well. But holy work out! It had my heart rate up for sure! Fun times for sure though!

Sunday was full of Birthday fun. It was my little Sister Laura's 21st Birthday and Chad's Grandmother's 77th ( i am pretty sure) Birthday! I didn't get to see Laura or give her a present yet, but soon. But we did mange to get Chad's family together for some cake on Sunday night. It was fun to have everyone together.

So now that Laura is 21 she can go on a mission. She has her papers all filled out and sent in. Now we just have to wait to find out! We all have our guesses as to where she will be sent... I am thinking Texas. She will be the 1st girl and 2nd person in our family to go. My uncle Mark is the only other person to go. So this is exciting. I will post it as soon as I know.

One last thing...I know this is sad...but I just took my Christmas tree down last night! Can you believe it? I've been wanting to take it down for a while now and every time I mentioned it Chad said he wanted to wait...the first Christmas while we were dating Chad left his tree up until March. He wants to break that record. He's crazy! But I had to take it down...it is going to be February in a few days!

Well...That's all for now...Have a good day!

Monday, January 28, 2008


I was totally shocked this morning when I was invited to a Group on facebook titled In Memory of Gordon B Hinkley. I didn't believe it at first. But he lived a long full life and it was his time to go. I am a little sad because he was an amazing man and having him on the earth made it a better place. But I am also so excited for him! He gets to be with his wife again and he will be a great missionary and example to those he is with now.

I will miss his talks, his humor, his kindness for everyone, his spirit and many other things. Even thought I never met him in person, I feel like he was a close friend. He will be missed!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So work has slowed right down since Christmas...so I am trying to come up with things to do to occupy my time. Any ideas would be great...they have to be things I can do in the office though. Yesterday was nice though because I actually got to go out for Lunch! I never do that!. But my Dad and Brother and Grandparents were in the city and they came and took me out. It was a good break in the day! It was great to see my grandparents, it has been so long! They live in Cape Brenton which is only 5 hours away but it is hard to do with a busy schedule. Chad and I are really going to try to get down there soon though to visit. Before yesterday it had been like 2 years since I have seen them...I am such a bad grandchild!

This is a picture of my brother with my Grandparents. It was not taken yesterday because they kind of surprised me at work and I didn't bring my camera, but they were looking just as good yesterday!

So nothing else exciting is going on. I am excited for the weekend! I dont have anything planned but it will be great to be able to relax and spend time with Chad. Last weekend was full of fun! From games to suppers to haircuts (Melissa's not mine...it looks GREAT too!) Lots of family fun. Chad and I also took a drive out to Enfield to see if we could find this property for sale. We are thinking about building a house. We aren't sure yet if we will build or buy so we are just looking around right now, but hopefully soon we will come to a conclusion. But we couldn't find the property so we will have to try again some other day. I cant wait to not live in this apartment any more!

Tonight is a regional youth activity. Chad has to go to Windsor for it. I hope the roads are better by then. I hate winter driving! Actually I hate winter in general! I need to live somewhere that is always warm and never snows! But it should be fun tonight. It's not the same with out you Chantelle! Hope you are enjoying your warm weather!

Anyway...back to "work"...seriously ideas to kill time would be helpful!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is it the Weekend yet?

Well, this week has been going by too slow for my liking! It is hard getting back into the swing of things after Christmas. Also our office slows down a lot after Christmas so we are pretty bored.

Well, nothing new is really going on. Last night Chad had a doctor's appointment. For a while now he has been getting headaches that last for a couple of hours and after they are over if you touch his face he gets a pretty sharp pain. So I finally convinced him to get it checked out. He has to get some x-ray's and blood work done tomorrow and we should know what is going on soon. His doctor doesn't think it is anything too serious which is a relief, but it will be nice to know for sure and see if they can make the headaches stop. So that has been our adventure for the week.

No big plans for the weekend which is nice. Chad is doing some electrial stuff on Saturday. I cant remember the last time Chad and I spent a Saturday together. He has about 3 side jobs on the go right now. Which is great moneywise, I dont want him to burn himself out!

I started my New Years Resolution yeaterday. I know I was late but it is better than nothing. I typically dont make resolutions but this year I am pretty determined. I am basically going to try to be healthy. So wish me luck!

I just wanted to say Congradulations to Julia, Jolynne and Kelly, I ment to mention it before but I am excited for all of you...there are going to be lots of babies around this summer! I cant wait...and I am sure you cant either!

Bye for now!

Friday, January 4, 2008

I'm 24!

So Yesterday was my 24th birthday! I can hardly believe I am 24! But I had a great birthday! I kind of started on Monday...I had to work half a day on Monday and Chad had the day off, so he went shopping for my present. At about 10am Chad showed up at my office again asking if he could give me my present early? As much as I like getting presents on my actual birthday, i couldn't wait to find out what it was, so I agreed. Chad did good...(with Josh's help i hear).

He bought me an 8 gb ipod nano. Green! It is very cool. The sad part is that I have bearly any music on my new computer...so that's what I have been working on the past few nights. It is coming along nicely....any suggestions of good songs is always welcome!

This is my ipod, same color and everything. Josh gave me a case for it too...dont want any dents!

Then last night Chad and I went out to East Side Mario's for dinner. We got there and had a little bit of a wait...while we were waiting Josh and Julia walked in, Chad had asked them to come but didn't tell me. I was pleasently surprised! The food was pretty good, Chad nearly lost his lips from his hot wings....that weren't even that hot! He's too cute! However, I unfortunatley forgot my camera so no pictures. But it was fun. Then we went back to Josh and Julia's to play a new game they just got. It was called Would You Rather...?. It was pretty fun, by the end of the night Chad had kept a spoon in his mouth for about 15 minutes, I was wearing Chad's socks and I had touched everyone's face. It was pretty halirious...but I won so it was all good!

Julia and Josh were nice enough to get me a cake and an Orchid...very exciting! I've wanted one for a while! I'll have to take a picture of the flowers I got later. Chad also gave me some flowers...lilies...my favorite.

This weekend we are heading to my parents place if it doesn't start to snow in the next few hours. That should be fun too! Anyway, I better get back to work...
Seriously let me know your favorite songs...not only would it help me with ideas i might learn a little something about you!