Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is it the Weekend yet?

Well, this week has been going by too slow for my liking! It is hard getting back into the swing of things after Christmas. Also our office slows down a lot after Christmas so we are pretty bored.

Well, nothing new is really going on. Last night Chad had a doctor's appointment. For a while now he has been getting headaches that last for a couple of hours and after they are over if you touch his face he gets a pretty sharp pain. So I finally convinced him to get it checked out. He has to get some x-ray's and blood work done tomorrow and we should know what is going on soon. His doctor doesn't think it is anything too serious which is a relief, but it will be nice to know for sure and see if they can make the headaches stop. So that has been our adventure for the week.

No big plans for the weekend which is nice. Chad is doing some electrial stuff on Saturday. I cant remember the last time Chad and I spent a Saturday together. He has about 3 side jobs on the go right now. Which is great moneywise, I dont want him to burn himself out!

I started my New Years Resolution yeaterday. I know I was late but it is better than nothing. I typically dont make resolutions but this year I am pretty determined. I am basically going to try to be healthy. So wish me luck!

I just wanted to say Congradulations to Julia, Jolynne and Kelly, I ment to mention it before but I am excited for all of you...there are going to be lots of babies around this summer! I cant wait...and I am sure you cant either!

Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog layout! Hopefully Chad is alright...sure he is nice but it's also nice getting to hang out with the hubby! Good luck with your New Year's Resolution. I have said I'd been healthy every luck so far!

The Bing's said...

yeah the blog layout is cool!! I think it's a great new years resolution... I didn't make a resolution...but being heathly is always something I'm trying to do too. Keep us posted on Chad and how everything goes!!!

Drennans said...

Whoa fun blog layout...where'd you get that?? It'd be nice not to have to make my own. Sucks to hear about Chad's could be something simple like he's clenching his jaw...I used to get crazy headaches and then my jaw would hurt.

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

hope the doctor finds out what is wrong. i think it's funny that they always send people for blood tests...we all know they almost never determine anything!
i wasn't expecting a post honestly, so thanks for that :)