Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby Shower

Last night was Julia and Jolynne's open house baby shower. It was a lot of fun! It is always a good time when a bunch of girls get together. But I must tell you that it was not fun putting Julia's present together! I made her a diaper cake. I have made round ones before, so I thought I would try a square one...they looked easier to make, you dont have to spend all the time rolling the diapers. Well let me tell you....the square ones are not easier! Not even close! It took me like 3 hours and it still didn't turn out exctally the way I wanted. It did look cute though.

There were a lot of nice gifts last night. Those little babies will be cute in all their new clothes!

I wish I had taken some pictures!
This one I took at home the night before, after my back breaking work! Seriously my back hurt for like 2 days after I made this.

So, other than that, we haven't been up to too much. Trying to get packed. Our place is a total mess which can get frustrating, but it will be really nice to get into the new place and hopefully everything will have a place. It is coming too fast!

Anyway hopefully you all have a good weekend! I'll try to do something exciting so I can post about it on Monday!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We're Moving!

Yay...I am so excited! In my life right now the 2 things that are torns in my side are: my apartment and my job. We live in a small apartment where are neighbors scream and yell all day long and I dont feel very safe so I have had enough! Chad and I found a very nice 2 bedroom apartment with 1 and a half bathrooms, a huge kitchen and lots of space. It is on Farnham gate Rd. I am just so happy. We get to move in for May 1st. It is happening really fast. We just started looking like a week ago and now we have to move in a month! We are going to sign the lease tonight, so if she lets me take some pictures I might post some but if not we will have to wait a month. good did it feel to move out of 200 willett? I cant wait!! So now all i have to do is find a different job!

This is the Layout. There are a few differences like....we dont have a deck and livingroom is a little bigger. Also the laundry room is just the hookups we will use it as a storage space for now.

So this month is turning out to be pretty stressful! Moving, my little sister is leaving for her mission so we are trying to see her as much as we can, and I am helping with the Stake Adult dance on the 26th (which is going to be awesome so everyone has to come!). Plus other little things like last night i drove to bridgewater to scope out the place Mallory and Jake are getting married to help Mallory get some ideas.

I would tell you about my weekend, but I can for the life of me remember what I bad is that! It is only tuesday! Oh...i do remember on Sunday I needed to print off something and my stupid printer is out of ink, so I imposed on Amber Palmer...I just love her! Chad and I ended up hanging out there for about 2 hours. They are a fun couple!

Oh, and I had my neices' Calla and Reese come over for a few hours on Saturday and realized how not child proof my place is! It's a good thing we aren't expecting kids soon...i need to work on that! Other than that my weekend is unknown! I'm sure I had fun though! I can almost be guarenteed that if i am not at work I am having fun! (I guess there are packing)

Bye for now....hopefully pictures later!