Sunday, July 22, 2007

Post #3: Our weekend away!

So this past weekend, Chad and I, and Josh and Julia went on an adventure! Well, kind of. For Josh's Birthday Julia wanted to do something special so she arranged for a weekend at a cottage on the subinacide river with some Tidal bore rafting. She invited Chad and I to come along, I think the invite was mainly to split the cost...just kidding!! Anyway everything was planned and we were getting excited, then Julia called one day just to confirm, and they had lost our resvervation! So after calming Julia down...;) We started to look for somewhere else to go.

We found a place in Annapolis Royal at a cabin and then planned to do some golfing on Saturday. So we were all luck enough to get off work on friday a little early and head out. We arrived at the cabin at about 7:30sih. It wasn't too bad, a little rough around the edges, but it served it's purpose. We had a bon fire, roasted marshmallows, and the boys played in the fire. Then we went inside to enjoy a little satilite tv and some board games. Then we headed off to bed...I think I am still feeling the effects of that bed, it was pretty hard. Josh and Julia were on the pull out couch which wasn't any better than the bed. But we lived to tell about it.

In the morning we got up, watched some more TV, the boys went for a dip in the pool, and then we were on our way. We drove to Upper Clements park and went to the wildlife park. It was quick but we got some good pictures. Then we got some food and hung around the town before or tee off time at 4pm. We went looking for some new pants for Julia, I should have taken a picture of the only place around that sold anything remotely close to wearable was kinda sad.
Anyway we had fun walking around the town and Fort Anne. Then we went golfing. Well that was an experience. I have golfed once before, so it was pretty new to me still. We only golfed the first 9 holes which I was a little grateful for. It was perfect weather though. It was warm but not too warm and a little overcast so that the sun wasn't in our eyes but no rain. I heard it rained in the city, so we were lucky!

Then we headed home, stopped for some food on the way and then into the city for about 10pm. It was a great weekend though, lots of laughs and fun! Thanks for inviting us along Julia!

Now for the good

This is the outside of our cabin...#7

Thia is the bedroom...where Chad and I slept

This is the couch, where Josh and Julia slept

Bath room and Kitchen ( I think the bath room was the nicest part of the whole thing)

This is the little playground fully equipt with buoy and all...the boys had fun

This is the sign by the pool...the boys took the seemed pretty good though.

Apparently they have problems with glow sticks...who would have thought.

Our awesome Fire...with a tree right in the middle

A couple in love and a couple of bloggers

Julia takin' a canon for a ride and above this there are 2 pictures tha for some reaseon I cant label, is a cougar and the other is a rea bird...he was putting on a pretty good show for us!

I love this picture of Chad golfing!

That was about it, hope you all had a great weekend too!


chantelle brade said...

wow...looks like you had fun in good old Annapolis. I never golfed before but i have mini golfed. I think i am good at mini golfing. hehehehe

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

oh man, i can't believe you posted before me! that never happens.
i am hoping to get a post up today but we'll see.

Drennans said...

Good times! I think it's rather odd they have a glow stick issue. I mean did it happen often or just once? WEIRD! Looks like good times though!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time! Cabin beds are always rather sketchy...a little worrying about the glowsticks...strange. Sounds like it was a fun weekend though!

Karen O'Hearon said...

wow...looks like you guys had quite the fun time...the cottage was special...hhahaa!!! I loved all the pictures, the golfing one of chad is really nice!! And I love the bloggers picture!!!

Beckey & Travis Buxton said...

Glad you had a good weekend! How has "quitting the job" gone? Are you done yet?

...Donny & Karlee... said...

nice posts!! I love seeing your pictures! Sounds like you had a fun little adventure, those make for the best memories!