Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Behind....I know

It takes me so long to post, mainly because I never have pictures at work, but I will try to do better!

Where to start...ok let start with the most exciting event of the last 2 weeks...Karen and Brandon got married on Aug 4th! It was a very beautiful reception! The wedding party looked great and of course Karen looked amazing. I must say that Karen thinks of everything. Congradulations to the new Mr and Mrs Bing.

Their First Dance as "the Bing's". So fun! They picked a great song to dance to!

Karen's dress was amazing. ( I took these pictures from facebook, because my camera was acting up that night! I was bummed about that, but I am glad so many other people took pictures!)

That same night Chad and I left the reception and went to new glasgow to visit my family.
Some good times were had. Sunday was a relaxing day, as always. Then on Monday Chad and Dad went to play tennis, so Amy and Laura and I decided to go shopping. We looked around for a bit and then decided to go to the Arcade. It was alot of fun. We spent about $5, but we got a ton of tickets. They had this Deal or no Deal game, I won 120 tickets with one try. I love that game! And they had a roller coaster simulation game, which isn't even close to the same as a real one, but still fun. We were going to go back later that night with Chad, but we ran out of time. We went home and everyone jumped into the pool for some fun.

We finshed the night off with some dinner with my gandparents and chocolate fondue! My mom has a chocolate fountian so we used that. So yummy! She just emailed me yesterday saying that she bought a new foundue set and wants Chad and I to come back soon to test it out. i think we will do cheese next time!
I love going home. I wished we lived closer.

Also exciting last week, was that I got to see Sarah! Sarah Mclean is one of my best friends from high school. We lived together durning a couple of years of university and she has since moved to Ottawa to work on parliment hill, she's going to be prime minister one day! :)

Anyway, I haven't seen her ince before she moved to Ottawa, she was home for a visit, so I was able to go to dinner with her and her sisters while they were in the city shopping. It was so great to see her, and catch up!

This is Me, Sarah, Emily, and Rachael at east side Mario's

Chad and I have been keeping busy, life is good. However, our 2 year anniversary is coming up next weekend and I am still not sure what to get him. Any creative ideas are very welcome!!
Have a good day! I'll have more sooner rather than later (I promise Kristi)


Drennans said...

Ha ha! I only whine because I care what's going on in your life! Looks like you've had some fun times over the past couple of weeks! I'm at a loss for what you guys could do for your anniversary. I have the same issue trying to find creative things to do! Unless you guys could go do something fun like go to White Point or some cottage. Though I will say I recommend to everyone to spend a day at Rissers Beach down in the South Shore. Mostly because I soooo wish I could go there right now!! But you can camp there or even just spend the day and do the South Shore tour! Thanks for the online free stuff idea...I'm totally going to do that!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I love visits with old friends they are just so fun. I'm sorry but I really don't have anything to suggest for a gift. Maybe some tools... guys like that?! Anyway, I'm sure he'll love it what ever it is:) Good Luck!

Karen O'Hearon said...

awww thanks for writing about my wedding that was so awesome and sweet of you...it was such the perfect day I couldn't have asked for better. Sounds like you and chad had a fun long weekend at home...I'm jealous you saw Sarah she is the sweetest...I always loved seeing her at any Roots function!! Great Post!! I'll hopefully be posting ahain soon!

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

thanks for the update finally!!! i think i already gave you ideas for your anniversary, but i guess they wern't good enought. but here is what i think. see chad should be planning the activity and stuff, you should buy him something. but he shoudl be in charge of a romantic dinner or something!

...Donny & Karlee... said...

I hear ya when you say that you wished you lived closer!! I bet I can make you feel better though!! My mom lives 3,300 miles away!! :( :( Fondue is lots of fun, maybe we should have a girls night with fondue!!

chantelle brade said...

Wow...two years. My how time flies. I feel like I was at your reception like 6 months ago.