Friday, January 30, 2009

6 Things....

So Julia Tagged me, and I enjoy doing these little things to past the time at work so here we go!

Rules: Write 6 random things about myself, link the person who tagged you & post the rules. Tag six people. Let them know they have been tagged.

1) I cut myself on anything...and on a daily bases. Yesterday I cut myself on my seatbelt! It doesn't even have to have a sharp edge, i'll find a way!

2) I hate the toy jack in a box...even though I know it is about to pop out, it still freaks me out.

3) I change my clothes one item at a time so that if the house catches on fire while I am changing I dont have to run outside half dressed. I am always afraid my house is going to burn down.

4) I can say the alphabet backwards...pretty fast, about as fast as saying it forwards. I use to ALWAYS have the alphabet song stuck in my head...for like years, and still to this day i randomly find myself singing it.

5) I dream every night and I hate it! I never get a good sleep! And my dreams are always crazy!
If anyone knows how to not dream at night...let me know!

6) I am not an overly ambitious person, but whenever i hear that something is impossible i have to try it...for instance... i heard you cant sneeze with your eyes open, so I have tried it...I cant!
However, I heard it was impossible to lick your elbow...i tried it and guess what...NOT IMPOSSIBLE!! I can lick my elbow! So dont let anyone tell you something is impossible!

Now I tag...

Caverly S
Robyn W
Nikki N
Keah O
Renae C
Amy M (even though she probably wont do it!)

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I like your six things... Very random and unique and things I didn't know about you! I sing the abc song now a lot too but I don't think I can do it backwards. I dream in cycles I'll go through periods of no dreams and periods of dreaming. I don't like jack in the box either because I hate clowns. And way to go on the elbow licking. I can not lick mine! yay for your 6 randoms!

The Bing's said...

I have learned so so much about you today... I have to say I just tried the elbow thing and it's a no go for me... I would love to hear you sing your abc's backwards... oh and if you ever need a bandaid and I'm around I usually have a few on me!!

Nikki Nielsen said...

i really enjoy the new background. and i will get to this tag later on. promise!

Anonymous said...

I always dream too and it is very annoying! I cannot sing the ABCs backwards though...well maybe I could very slowly..

Nathan & Caverly Smith said...

You're hilarious!! I can think of a few more random things about you. Like how you speak random french all the time and say things like "word". I had a hard time doing my own though. But hey.. I did it! Go check it out! Haha I'm such a freak!