Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eating Habits

We have been in New Glasgow for the last 6 and a half weeks, and we have about a week left. Chad has been taking a course for work and after this and one more big exam on the 30th he will be a full Electrician. We are pretty excited for him to finish! Anyway, we have been staying at my parents place and it has been great. Sophie's has been growing so much while we were here and it was good that my family could she her progress. She is a funny little baby. She is a talker, and a starer. I think she could take anyone in a staring contest. However, I have a pretty hard time feeding her. She tried cereal first, and seemed to like it, then I gave her peas... I have a video of her first experience with peas which i will try to post later but oh man it's funny. She gaged like 3 times. Carrots are the same, she is not a big fan. And now I think that whenever I put a spoon to her mouth she thinks i am giving her peas or carrots and keeps her mouth shut pretty tight, even if it is just cereal. I hope she gets over it pretty quick.

Not much else is going on... we are hanging out here until after the easter weekend because we cant miss out on the easter egg hunt. Yep... my dad still hides candy for us big kids. I am sure it is pretty funny to watch, 5 or 6 adults between the ages of 24 and 28 running around the house or yard looking for eggs. I think the tradition might change in the next few years so that the hunt will be for the grandchildren.

Well tonight it is my plan to try Sophie with Sweet Potato's, wish me luck!


WCreativeDesigns said...


Try mixing just a little bit in her cereal so that it's kinds hidden and keep adding more each time so she slowly gets use to the vegetables. It will come.

The Full Nelson said...

Clara took awhile to get used to food too...my doctor wasn't too concerned about it and now she loves it. Squash and sweet potatoes were a hit and she definately prefers homemade.