Monday, March 28, 2011

We weren't expecting....

So I am probably the worst blogger, but I have had a little secret and I find it hard to blog when you have one big thing on your mind that you just can't tell yet! Everything else just seems so

We really weren't expecting it, but we are EXPECTING! Yep, baby number 2 is on the way! I am 14 weeks along now and feeling ok. I feel MUCH better than the last time, but still pretty gross.

I have been having quite a hard time wrapping my mind around it. Our plan was to maybe start trying for baby number 2 when Sophie turned 1, instead baby number 2 will arrive right after Sophie turns 1. It still blows me away to think about it!

So that is our news! I dont have any pictures of baby number 2 yet, so I will post one of Sophie. I have been really lacking in taking pictures of her lately. She is getting so big so fast! She had her 6 month check up and she weighed 20 pounds 8 oz. she is 27 inches long. She is a healthy baby!

I love this dress.

This is how she likes to watch TV.
LOVE this kid!!


Chelece said...

Congratulations! I hope that you start feeling better soon. Your daughter is soo cute. She is growing up so fast.

The Full Nelson said...

So exciting! Feel better soon! I love that dress too, so cute

Laura (with an italian accent) said...

Yay!! I'm excited to be an Aunt again.. I love love loveeee Sophie, and I'm excited to love love loveeee Baby Quist #2!!
You are going to have to blog more often after I move away... with lots of pictures, and videos. :)

Renee said...

What a little doll! congratulations on the new little one to be. Wonderful news!

Jocelyne, Greg & Co. said...

Congratulations! Hope you have a good pregnancy.

Nikki Nielsen said...

oh my goodness!! despite the begging and pleading i'm still denying my family of a 2nd little one because i can't think straight with one busy little bee! maybe i need it an accident too so that emmy isn't an only child forever. are my hero right now.

blog more.
thanks! ;)