Saturday, May 21, 2011

Word search

I just found this online and thought it was fun. It's a physiological word search. The 1st 3 words you see are supposed to describe you. I am not putting any real faith in this especially after finding my words, but it's fun to try!

The 3 words i saw first were...

1) Crush

I dont think there were any crushes in my past that i ever peeped on, but still fun!!
What are your 3 words?


The Full Nelson said...

ummmm well I really hope this isn't true...and I am embarassed to say what words I found!!! Maniac and suicide...I can't remember the third already but it was bad too! Well maniac might be true but definately not the suicide!

Amy said...


I don't even know how those 3 go together...

Oscar*Chantelle*Eugenio said...

Mine was

werid stuff...I wonder what it all means.

Laura (with an italian accent) said...

leave pass fool.. can't be right..
ash- your words go with me better. i'm SUCH a creeper!!
amy -- yours goes together like this.. "leave your crush, fool!" :D simple!

MamaSmith said...

haha first word I saw was DREAD
, suicide. Yikes I'm not that depressing really!

MamaSmith said...

oops and the other word was FOOL, Yup that about sums it up.