Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am bad at this

So... I haven't been posting, mostly because I went a little wayward. We went away for a few days and then Chad was on vacation for a little over a week so my schedule was messed up...enough excuses.  This week I have been back on track. I have not been snacking and I have exercised everyday for at least 30 minutes. I am drinking lots of water. I am not sure of total weight loss, but I know I have lost some. That is the goal.
I was thinking about doing a juice diet since I know a few people who have had success with it lately but I feel like it would be expensive. I would still have to cook regular meals for Chad and Sophie. I would like to try it, maybe someone could let me know how much fruit/veg is required for a week.
Anyway, I will try to be better at posting...I am determined this time to lose the weight. Every time i get tempted to eat something i shouldn't, the reasons I want to reach my goal pop into my head.
Any other motivational tricks/ tips are welcomed.


WCreativeDesigns said...

Way to go Ashley, I was doing good as well lost 12-14 pounds but life has been crazy and we got sick so after the wedding this weekend I'm going to be back on track. Let's keep each other motivated. You go girl.

Mushbir Nidhal said...

Nice family, Thank for sharing..........