Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Weekend in review...sorry no pics

So...now after looking through everyone elses blogs, i dont like my set up, but I dont want to change it because then I am like everyone else. (I will probably do it later :) ).

Not too much is going on in the Quist house. Our fish had 15 baby fish. That's a lot! So we went to walmart to get a new fish bowl to keep the little ones in (because the big fish will eat them if they are hungry...how gross is that!) So we got a bowl at walmart on friday. When we were coming out of walmart I saw a guy going into the store with a very weird shaped face. When I got closer to him i realized he had THE MUMPS! I was so ticked, and if i wasn't totally afraid of getting the mumps I would have said something to him. For those of you who dont know...there have been over 200 confirmed cases of the mumps in halifax alone since feb this year. That's huge! A normal amount for ALL of canada in a year is like 60 or something. Also, they are saying that alot of the people getting it already had the immunization. Anyway, I was mad that this guy was out in public with the mumps...it's just soooo selfish!

the weekend was pretty good, friday was spent relaxing (i think). Then on saturday Chad had to work in the morning so I got up and cleaned the whole apartment. Then we went out to Zellers and got some new bed stuff. I am trying to put together my own bedding. I have everything now except for a duvet cover. If anyone know a really good place to get a duvet cover please let me know. I am thinking I will just have to make it because I already have a specific one in my head and that is always hard to find. But any suggestions are welcome. I have checked zellers, superstore, linen n things, ebay and walmart. Anyway I am excited to put it all together.

Then Chad and I imposed on Josh and Julia and got them to join us for dinner on friday night. We went to Lonestar. It was ok food, not the best trip there though.

Sunday was good, we went to stake conference which was packed! then hung out with Chd's family. It's always good to see everyone especially since everyone is taking some vacations and it might be a while until the next time.
Then sunday night we went to josh and Julia's to play buzz word. It was a good game. It was boys against girls. Us girls did awesome on the first round, but the 2nd and 3rd not so much. It was fun anyway though.

Well this morning Chad had to work at 7, so I was dropped off at work at 6:50am when i dont start work till 8am. That's how I was able to do a little blogging. But it is now 8 and I must get to it. If anyone has any work from home business that works, suggestions on that would also be helpful! Have a good day all!

oh...i just heard on the radio that yesterday evening there was a serious domestic dispute where a guy beat up his g/f or wife, then when he let her go, he took another woman in his apartment with her baby. I guess there was a stand off for 5 hours...why I am telling you this...it was on mandaville court, where chad and I used to be the superintendants. I'm glad we weren't there for that! ok now I am done.


The Blakeney's said...

oh i am glad you posted. and i am sorry i didnt email you back yesterday. i was home sick. i will email you today (in fact probably after i am done posting this!)
icky man on mandaville...so glad you and chad don't live there anymore! and so glad you didnt catch the mumps from this guy. seriously!

Karen O'Hearon said...

I LOVE THAT YOU POSTED...I'm a little more worried about the mumps now...I'm mad at that guy too...he so shouldn't be out...that's why there are the 200 cases because people are stupid!!! Anyway sounds like you guys have been super busy...I can't wait until Brandon and I live up around you guys....it'll be so fun!!!

Drennans said...

blog looks good!

what's up with the dude with the mumps?? I mean that's just an issue! And what's up with the apartments you live in? Ha ha ha! You guys just don't have much luck. Matt would love to be living around there now...especially as a cop! Keep up the posts!

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I get your address so I can send you an announcement... you can email it to me. melleeclark@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Ashley, so far the book is good. It's mostly for newlyweds, like a prepatory type book. But it does talk about middle ages and old age and menopause (or however you spell that!). So yeah, it has my stamp of reccomendation on it.