Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pretty good weekend...

So I haven't posted because life the past week has been boring. I guess boring is good since it involves no drama, but suck because well....it's borning. Anyway, there were a few cool things this weekend. Oh first, on wednesday Chad and Josh had a YM activity, so Julia and I decided to go see a movie. We went to see In the Land of Women. I think we both agreed that we left unsatisfied. I just thought it was going to be different than it turn out to be. I wouldn't recommend it, however there are some people who enjoyed it that I know so I dont know. Then thursday was work (blah) and Friday, also work. Then on Firday night Katrina has a bunch of us family over to celebrate Logan's 23rd birthday (which was on thrusday). It was fun, Katrina made a cool cake. It was a battle scene complete with little army men. It looked great, however I think 3 out of 4 of us had no batteries for our camera's, so I am still trying to get a hold of the picture of the cake. It was a fun night though.

Then on Saturday was relaxing and fun. the morning/afternoon relaxed, then we went to the church at 4 for the baptism of Michael Glatze. He is very cool, he seems so excited to have found the gospel, it is very inspiring. Then we had a ward activity full of food, games and socializing. It was fun, near the end a few of the guys had a pie eating contest (see pictures below) It was disgusting as most eating contests are. It was a close race between Chad and Kent Wentzel. They called it a tie, however Julia and I both agreed that Chad won cause he didn't use his hands at all (kent used the pie plate to help a little). But it was very close.

Kevin Mudrow, Kent Wentzel, Chad Quist ans Chris Cartrell. This is about part way through.

Kent and Chad near the very end. Chad looks like he is going to throw up!

Then Saturday night we went to the movies with Josh and Julia. It was good. We went to see Fracture. I really liked it. I love Anthony Hopkins, he is such a good actor. I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend seeing it.

Sunday was jam packed as always. Brant and Melissa's baby Reese was blessed on sunday so Chad and I went to the dartmouth ward for church. Reese is so cute. It was a very nice blessing. The rest of church was pertty good too. Then we went to Chad's grandparents for a big pancake feast. Good times. Chad and I had to leave around 6 though to go home teaching. I got to go with him because his companion was sick. His families are great. It was a fun night.

That brings us to last night...Chad and I watched Deja Vu. I loved it. I thought it was really good. Right after we finished it I had to call my Mom for a recepie, my sister answered and I asked her what she was doing, she said they were all just starting to watch Deja Vu. I thought that was cool. Anyway, now it is tuesday and I am at work, and I should probably get some things started. Hope you all have a good day!


The Blakeney's said...

hey there tootie frootie...good post! i do agree with you on the movie thing...land of women..not good...fracture...super awesome.
oh, i cant wait to see pictures of the cake, kat must have some talent.
oh, i might steal the cake eating pictures, not sure yet...i am kinda too lazy to post ne thing new

Drennans said...

Glad to read an update on your life! I saw DejaVu too. I LOVED it. One of the best movies I've seen in awhile! I sure wish we could have been there for the pie eating contest. I've heard from so many that got to go...I miss Halifax ward!!!!! Take advantage!

Tony Green said...

Hi Asley and Chad, I am sorry to be vague but please could you email me at tony_greenuk@yahoo.co.uk I am trying to make contact with someone within LDS community in Halifax. I don't want to explian here, please do email me this is genuine and I think you may be able to help. Regards, Tony