Sunday, April 15, 2007

A week or two in review

Oh goodness, it has been a long time coming. I ment to post a while ago but life has been hectic. So first I must say on April 5th 2007, Adam Smith and Jen Burford became Adam and Jen Smith. It was a very nice wedding. They both looked great and Jen's wedding dress was beautiful. I have a few pictures, but not many because my camera ran out of batteries during the reception. I was not impressed. Congrdulations Adam and Jen. I ran into them on the weekend, they looked great, married life is treating them well.

This picture is their first dance as husband and wife.

Julia and Karen were there also to join in the festivities.

So after the reception Chad and I went out to Dairy Queen for ice cream with Josh and Julia. The after wedding double date has kinda truned into a tradition. I think we have done that with almost everyone's wedding since just after Chad and I got married (excluding theirs of course).

The next day was good friday and Chad and I made our way up to New Glasgow for the easter weekend. My whole family was there, it was a great time. Friday we didn't do a whole lot, just relax and got caught up with everyone, and had a big dinner at my grandparents place. Then saturday the guys played hockey at the church as per normal. Road hockey every saturday at the new glasgow chapel rain or shine. They had fun though. Then saturday night My 2 sisters, my brother, my sister's boyfriend, Chad and I went to see Blades of Glory. Too funny. I really liked it. There were a few people in the theater, but I think that our group of people had a completely different sense of humor. There were times when we would be the only ones laughing out lound in the whole place. It was funny though. What else could you expect though from Will Farrell and John Heder together as Ice skaters.

So, I believe I mentioned before about my Parents new house and how awesome it is. However the Kitchen was SOOOO awful! It was old and gross and ugly. So my parents had the whole thing redone. I took a few pictures. It looks much better now. It also looks better in person than in these pictures.

This is the counter top where everything ends up
So, then on sunday we woke up to a huge pile of snow. I was not impressed, I hate snow and it is time for Spring! I was hoping I could get another day at home out of it, but the roads were pretty good by sunday evening so we ventured home. I wish I could have skipped work. But on Sunday after church we did the traditional Easter Egg hunt. It is so funny. All of us Kids are between 20 and 24, but Dad just loves to hide those eggs. So we went a huntin'. Chad of course found the most. Chad has won every year he has been involved (which I am thinking was only 2 or 3 years now). But we had fun.
Then Monday it was back to work for the busiest week of my life. I dont think I have ever been so stressed out! Today isn't so bad, but I have a feeling since we are getting a little busier in general it wont be the last time i have a week like that. Yuck! I wish I was in school again!
This weekend was pretty mellow. Just the way I like it. Sunday, we had a big mexican pot luck at Chad's grandparents house. It was fun, we all got to meet Mallory's new boy. He seems very nice, and he is quite good looking.
So now that is almost it...I have sad news...dont stress out too much, it's just about backetball. So my office pool is over and I didn't come in first, but I did come in second! I beat my Boss which was really the whole point, so really I did win!
In conclusion....I wanted to say congradulations to Tanya and Colin. They have a brand new baby boy! I cant wait to see him. I already know he is cute, how could he not be? Tayna and Colin are 2 very good looking people, and I'm confident they will be great parents.
Ok, that's all for now...I hope everyone has a great day!


The Blakeney's said...

ya for the post ash! good times reading it (finally 10am for me!) the kitchen looks great. i love makeovers, they always brighten up a room. as for the after wedding double date...we wont be having any of those for a while, i dont know ne one on the verge of getting married...well, karen and august but it seems so far away. i am sure Karen doesnt think so tho!