Thursday, April 5, 2007

Finally...a post

So, I have recovered from all of Julia's Birthday Fun, and I have Pictures so I am ready to post.

Well on saturday all the girls got together and went to dinner at Jack Astor's for a little birthday fun for Julia. It was pretty good. I am not good at waiting for a table, and we had to wait what felt like forever, but was really only like 45 minutes. But once we sat down it was quite enjoyable. There were quite a few of us, so I didn't get to talk a whole lot to the girls at the other end of the table like Kellie L, Chantelle, Adele and Jesica which was too bad, but we were having some fun at the other end. It was very fun to hang out with the girls. So durning some of the conversation going on, we decided we needed to start running together. So, Katrina and Meaghan suckered me into running with them that same night when we got home at like 9pm. It was a good run (even though i couldn't really keep pace with them) i am in bad shape. But hopefully I can keep up the routine.

I love this picture...look at Julia's face....priceless!

Some fun at our end of the table Love that bow Julia!

Then on sunday it was general conference, inbetween the sessions we were invited to Chad's grandparents house for dinner. It was good to see all the family. I got some pictures of Calla and Reese. They are the cutest little girls. We had a good time.

This is Reese...she is about 1 month and 1 week old in these pictures.

Calla Being Silly...she's so cute.

Then on Monday it was back to work as usual. After work Julia and I decided to go for a run at 7. It was good, I did a little better than Saturday. After our run, we went up to see Kellie Lambert. We ended up having another little party for Julia, with cake and Ice cream (good thing we went for that run)

Tuesday was Julia's REAL birthday, and Chad and I went out to dinner with Josh and Julia. We went to Swiss Chalet. It was pretty good. There was no singing or free stuff for Julia, which was too bad, but i think that had a lot to do with our waiter...he wasn't very cool.

Wednesday came and Julia and I went all out... I have been thinking about getting my hair cut for about 2 months, and last night I did it. Julia also got her's cut, and it looks AWESOME!! I kind of like mine, but I will like it better when it grows back a little more. I'll have to post those pictures a little later.

Today is thursday...Adam and Jen's wedding is today! I am so excited to see all the decorations and what everyone is going to be wearing. I will be taking pictures and posting them soon. Also Chad and I are going to my parents place for Easter weekend, we are leaving tomorrow morning. There will be more pictures to come after that!
Now that we are all caught up, I hope I can stay on top of my posts! Have a good day everyone! and a good easter weekend!


The Blakeney's said...

oh yay, a new post!! i love that we both know you did it at work and yet it's still not 10 am. i flippin' love your haircut. i am hoefully going to post some pictures from last night today! i am also stoked for the wedding tonight. day 5 of ashley and julia hang out!

Anonymous said...

I totally loved your haircut! You are a doll!

chantelle brade said...

Reese looks so cute.
And so do you with your new hair do.