Monday, March 26, 2007


On Feb 27 2007 at about 5pm Brant and Melissa Quist welcomed a new member into the Quist family. They had a baby girl who weighed 9lbs 13. And after about a week, she was finally given a name. Reese Megan Quist is my new little neice. I cant believe she will be a moth old tomorrow. Time flies. She is so cute, and she is getting strong very quickly. Calla who is going to be 3 in August, is a very good big sister. There doesn't seem to be much rivalry...yet. I always try to give Calla alot of attention when we are over there so she doesn't feel left out.
I just tried to post a picture of the girls but i didn't work, I will try again later.

The weekend was pretty good. Chad and I went to Bridgewater on friday because he had a church meeting. That was the first time I had been there. It's a nice little town. I like the chapel there, it is very different from the others. Then on saturday I had stake meetings in Dartmouth where I had to give a half hour presentation. I was glad when that was over. Saturday night we watched The Prestige with Brant and Melissa. It was a pretty good movie. Parts of it were kinda slow. I couldn't believe how different David Bowie looked.

Then on sunday morning Chad decides it is time for a hair cut. I was tried to convince him that we didn't have time before church. Mainly because I dont like when he cuts his hair. He thinks it is too long and shaggy and I think it is too short(even before he cuts it). Has anyone ever seen Chad's hair shaggy?? So he did it anyway. He uses his clipper set, but yesterday by accident he used a 4 instead of a is so short. He doesn't like it either, he thinks it is too short. I was going to take a picture and post it, but I thought that would just be a little cruel seeing as how he dosen't like it that much either. Hopefully it will grow faster than it usually does. I also made a cake on sunday. I made boiled icing that turned out pretty good even though I blew the motor on the hand mixer.

Oh yes, how could I forget? There was NCAA basketball this weekend! It is almost over, I think we have 2 more days of it this next coming weekend. However, I am still in the running. One guy is a head of me and the other guy I am tied with. He is a little ticked that he is tied with a girl. It is so close I am at 41 points and the guy in the lead is at 42. I really want to win. There is no money involved, just the sastifactory of winnig!

Ok, time to do some it 5 O'clock yet?


Karen O'Hearon said...

It's so funny that you posted Brant and Melissa's new baby's name because I was just saying yesterday to my little sister that I didn't know what they named the baby! So thanks for filling me in...Reese is a super cute name I can't wait until you get pictures posted of her, since I haven't gotten to see her yet!
I have to agree with you, in all my years knowing Chad I don't think I've ever seen him with shaggy hair, I don't think that I can even picture that...but now I'd like to see it!
Anway just thought I'd write you a little mesage, I'm sooooo excited that you have a blog now!! I should jet and get to class but I'm in the same boat as it 5:15 yet- I want to go home from school!!!!

The Blakeney's said...

its too bad you didnt get the picture of the girls up yet. i am sure they are super cute.
it's funny, cause i checked your blog this morning and i was thinking how it sucked that you didnt have a new posting. so this afternoon i was trying to waste some time and here it is...a new one!! yay for that.
i am excited that you are tied for the basketball thing. i think in the end you will win and it will be fun because the boys will be sour!
anyways, good job posting superhero!

Drennans said...

I was totally going to post pictures of Calla and Reese too! Hopefully they work for you next time. AND can I just say I was making a cake once and totally blew the motor out in the hand mixer as well. Those suckers aren't that strong! Ha ha ha! Keep up the good posting. I hope you win you game thingy! (yeah I'm so sporty and stuff...not really much at all) LATA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip... I think that's what we will do at the CA reception....We do have a honeymoon planned... on the way to california we will be staying in Vegas for a night in a condo, and then we will head for the beach and stay the week at my grandparents beach house. Saturday morning we are having a reception in my hometown, breakfast theme, then we will head back to Vegas to stay for the night and back to UT. I'm excited!