Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Elder Peters' Return

Well, it has been 2 years. Bobby Peters has arrived home from Mexico. He was serving a mission for the Church for the past 2 years. It was a great reunion for us all at the Halifax International Airport. Bobby's family (of course),Dean and Jen Durant (travelled from Alberta), Friends that travelled from Cape Breton (Scott, Justin and Robyn), and lots of the YSA. It was a fun night. Bobby looked great, it was good to see him after so long. Here are some pictures that i have "borrowed" from Laura and Tara.

So, an update on my basketball pool...I'm sure no one cares but me, but I an enjoying this competition. However, I am in last place...BUT...I am at 32 points and the other 2 guys in my office are tied at 33. I have plenty of time to catch up, and I will win!

It's a short one today, but I am at work and it is almost 5 Oclock (my favorite time of the day) and I get to go home soon. Woohoo!!


The Blakeney's said...

you're doing well with your posts dude. pictures make posting more fun, even if they are stolen ones.

Drennans said...

Welcome to the Blog life!!! I'm so excited you're on here! Keep up the good posts!!!!