Monday, July 13, 2009


I dream all the time....every night in fact. I usually remember them in the morning and they are typically strange and crazy. I am not a fan of dreaming, i never feel like I get enough sleep. I heard that if you can remember your dream in the morning you didn't get enough sleep.

I am known to talk in my sleep and also beat up Chad on occasion (only a little), but last night my dream was intense. The details are all a little fuzzy now, but I was at the beach and laying in the water. Someone came along, i dont know who it was, but they grabbed my hand and pulled me out and held me under the water. I couldn't get out. The next thing I knew I was startled awake because I couldn't breathe. I woke up trying to breathe. It was insane. I dont know if i couldn't breathe because of my dream or if my dream formed around the fact that i couldn't breathe.
(You know how that happens sometimes, how your alarm turns into some sort of car alarm or something in your dream and then you realize it is your clock)

Anyway, I had a hard time getting back to sleep after that and i am quite tired now, it was a long night.

Hopefully no one else has such real dreams!!


The Nelsons said...

oh ashley, I also dream EVERY is exhausting!! If I dream that I can't breath it's normally cause I've managed to roll my face right onto my pillow. Hopefull you can get some rest tonight dream free

Lis Drage said...

I had a reoccurring dream for years (long before the movie) that I was on the titanic and it went under and so did I and I couldn't find the surface of the water. Everytime I wake up I am GASPING for air...and there is no pillow or anything in my face..I must be holding my breath because of the dream...It scares me every time! I did learn long ago though, if you are interested, if you wake up from a vivid dream, immediately say what it was about out loud. As long as you verbalize it, you will remember it. Seems to work. (my husband can never figure out what I'm babbling about in the middle of the night lol)