Monday, June 23, 2008

Tagged by Nikki


1- Chad
2- Music (listening and playing)
3- Family and Friends


1-Thunder and Lightining
2- a fire in my house
3- snakes


1- Quit my job!
2- Buy a house in the next year
3- brush up on my guitar playing skills (I am stealing this one Nikki)

Current Obsessions

1- ebay....i just cant stop!
2- M&M Truffle Cake (thanks Jess)
3- that band!

Random Facts

1- My right leg is shorter than my left. I have no actual proof of this, just the way my pants fit.
2- My fist name is Sarah.
3- I was a band geek in high school!

Now I tag...Jessica and Keah


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

band geek, i love it :)

Keah and Michael O'Hearon said...

This was a fun tag....I totally didn't know that you played the guitar....that's so fun! Also, I am loving your you not love their much fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea your first name is Sarah!! And as for the M&M Tuxedo are totally welcome!! They have other flavors case you want to branch out.