Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little of this....a little of that!

I dont know why, but I am having a hard time adjusting to the date! In my mind it is still Feburary. Random thought I know!

So last week was pretty uneventful, which is always nice! Except poor Chad... on Tuesday he called me at work in the afternoon asking me what his Mom's number was. (shouldn't he know that?) Anyway I thought it was a little weird but didn't think much of it afterwards. Then he came to pick me up and he told me that he had locked the keys in the car. His Mom has a key just in case this happens so that is why he needed her number. So no big deal...
Then on Wednesday morning Chad dropped me off at work at 7:30 as normal and he headed to work. At about 8am my office door swung open and there is Chad and he is not happy! I asked him what happened and he said that he got locked his keys in the car again at the Tim Hortons and the car was still on. I dont know why he left the car on but he was pretty ticked. So Chad now thinks that we need a new car because he wouldn't lock the keys in the car if we have the keyless lock on it. I'm sure he would find a way. He has locked the keys in the car probably 5 times in the last year. That's gotta be some sort of record!

So our weekend was pretty quiet, just hanging out with family, oh and a wicked migrain(what a crappy way to spend a saturday night!) Then sunday came and my head ache was gone and I felt pretty good. Got all ready for church and got there at what I thought was 10 minutes early. We pulled in and there looked like an awful lot of cars for 9:50am. But that didn't tip me off. So we walk up, open the door and everyone is sitting so reverently, sit dont think anything of it. Then I hear Nancy sitting on the chair in the hall say..."forgot about the time change?"
Boy did we ever! So we missed pretty much all of sacrament meeting. It's been a while since we skipped church...i guess it was about time!

Then on sunday for supper we invited Chad's family over. We had Brant, Melissa, Calla, Reese, Logan, Katrina and Luana over. It was nice to finally use our new dinning table for more than just Chad and I. It also reminded me how much I love our table! It was fun, and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. However, if you have Melissa on facebook you might have already heard the happenings of that night. Calla was playing with a glow stick and bit into it. Only a 3 year old eh? She didn't swallow any of it, but Melissa thought it was important to call poision control just in case. But it is not toxic so she will be fine, just a little irritation. Then Reese decided to throw her socks into the toilet...after i tried so hard to keep the bathroom door closed all night! Chad was brave a fished them out for her! It was a fun night...what would a family dinner be without a little bit of crazy?

This week has gone by pretty fast and I hope that continues. Chad is off on a boys camp with the young men until saturday! I hate sleeping alone and this will be the longest we have been apart since we've known each other (3 and 1/2 years) is not fun! But I have a YW's sleepover tomorrow night and hopefully the girls will keep me company and cheer me up!

I better get back to it...I hope you all have a great day!


The Bing's said...

oh man poor chad and the keys being locked in the car...he needs one of those key chains that attatches to you belt and keeps the keys on a cord then when he gets up to leave the keys he'll either get stuck or be pulled back!

That's so sucky about the migraine, I've only had one once and i hope it never happens again.

You and chad were too cute coming in late on sunday!!

Sounds like a fun filled family dinner...I think I wouls have called poison control too, you just never know! I hope you have a fun girlie weekend while chads at camp.

Oh and last thing to mention...loving eclipse- we'll definitely have to chat on Sunday because hopefully I'll be done by then, I haven't had as much reading time!

Anonymous said...

I really need to borrow those books...I keep hearing about them and need to get in the loop. That sucks about the car keys...I agree with Karen...he needs a chain for the keys...or you need a car that doesn't let you lock the door if the keys are still least the still running car wasn't stollen!

Rob said...

that is hilarious about chad and the keys. i did that twice in high school, but not since. it IS pretty frustrating when it happens though.

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

i dont know why, but every time i hear about chad locking his keys in the car i want to kick him in the pants! dang boys.