Monday, February 11, 2008


So I am stressed!! Friday was not a good day! Actually last week in general was pretty awful!
So as I said before we were getting our car fixed and it was supposed to be done on Wednesday, but it didn't end up being ready until ok that's fine. Chad went and picked up the car on Friday afternoon. Everything sounded good. Then on his way to pick me up he got in an accident! Like he had the car for like less than an hour after spending a pretty huge amount to fix it and this happens. Chad is ok, it wasn't the worst accident, but I have a feeling it is going to cost us quite a bit to fix it. We dont have collision on our car and Chad wasn't the one with right of way in the accident so we have to pay for it ourselves. It wasn't Chad's fault, but it wasn't the other guys fault either. It is getting looked at today! So we will see!

I have had a twitch in my eye like all weekend and I cant get rid of it! I think it is because I am stressed! If you have any remedies for twitches...let me know! Everything seems to go bad all at once! It's quite unfortunate!

The rest of the weekend wasn't too bad. We hung out with Brant and Melissa on Saturday. Reese is walking now, she has been taking a few steps here and there but last week she started to really move! She will be 1 on the 27th. I cant believe how fast time goes by!

Yesterday we went to Bridgewater for church. Chad had to go for Stake meetings and he had to speak. He did a good job. Then later were invited to Chad's grandparents for dinner. Today is Chad's Grandfather's 84th birthday so we had dinner and cake together yesterday. It was a good time.

Now, today I am back to work after a lousy sleep and I cant wait for the day to be over.
Bring on 5 o'clock!


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

oh my gosh, talk about car crap. i am going to call you after my lunch break!
oh, about the eye twitches...i got nothing for you. it happens to me sometimes and it's super annoying and i think it's embarassing when people see it happening!

Anonymous said...

Bring on 5pm...agreed! You poor thing! Ocassionally my eye twitches at work...don't think there's a rememdy other than total relaxation...and really who can do that. Good luck with the car!

The Nelson Family said...

Don't you just hate it when everything bad seems to happen at once......been there, done that....last month....and even a bit this month!!! Really it's like you never can catch a break. I hope that things look up for you!! How goes the book reading???

Rob said...

yeah, i hate car trouble. it`s always too expensive. sorry to hear about chad`s accident.
they should make cars invincible, like the batmobile.

Drennans said...

well that just sucks!! that's a bad day. And your twitch is totally from stress...I get that sometimes if I'm stressed and overtired. My remedy (and it totally worked) was a nice bath, reading and getting a good sleep! But this was a few days ago so you probably already have gotten rid of it.

The Buxton's said...

I used to get the eye twitch when I worked before moving here. My remedy was that I quit my job... I think it just comes with stress. Sorry about the car accident. We have a car you guys could use temporarily until yours gets fixed. It runs, it's not nice though...let me know.