Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Came...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Unfortunatley the fun is all over I am now back to work. But it was fun while it lasted. Our Christmas began a little early when we went to my Parents' place for the weekend. I had to work on Monday so we figured we would have an early christmas there and then be with Chad's family for Christmas Day. The weekend was fun. My sisters and I went to Walmart on Friday night at 1:30am. We were there for like an hour. It was actually pretty fun. Not too many people shopping which is always a bonus this time of year.

This is my parents's was huge!! This picture doesn't do it justice!

So my parents bought me and Chad a Video Camera. I am totally stoked! It's the only thing I really asked for this year! I have been playing with it a bit, but I need to figure it out a little better still.

My New Toy!!

Then we had Christmas with Chad's family on Christmas day. It was fun to see the girls open their presents. They are too cute. I am glad i have my video camera now to capture some of their funny moments.

Christmas was fun...I have the best Husband and a great family!

This is mine and Chad's tree...Chad hates it because it isn't a kiddie tree and I love it because it isn't a kiddie tree! I say..." No Kids no kiddie tree"

Now on to New Year's! And my 24th birthday! Scary!!

This is just a random picture, but I thought it was funny! This is my sister's dog, she was sitting like this for a few minutes.


Anonymous said...

I love your tree! I don't want a kiddie tree either even with a kiddie. Your video camera looks pretty cool too, have fun figuring out all the details with it!

Anonymous said...
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Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

both of those trees are beautiful! i wish i would have had a nice christmas tree like you!
oh, and i am stoked you got your video camera. josh might need to borrow july or something!
glad your holiday was fun, now if only we didnt have to go back to work...