Monday, September 28, 2009

Chad is 27!!

This was a busy weekend, but the most important part was Chad's birthday! On the 27th, Chad turned 27! His "champagne" or golden birthday! So I decided it called for a little sparkling apple juice!

We invited Chad's family over for some cake sunday evening. It is always fun having everyone get together. I especially love seeing our niece's and nephew. Eva and Bjorn are getting so big!

This is Chad blowing out the candles...with a little help from Calla. I was at a bad angle for picture taking.

I am pretty sure Chad has a good day. One of the presents I gave him was a 3D puzzle of a globe that came with a stand. He put it together last looks pretty awesome, I forgot to take a picture though.

I think Chad is amazing in so many ways! He really does have strength in areas that I lack and I think we make a good team! I love you Chad and I hope you had a fun birthday!

Also this weekend we had a youth activity where every ward was required to build a type of go cart to have races with. This is Halifax's version of a go turned out really well. We didn't win the over all racing part, but we were given an award for the most intimidating!

Now that I wrote down what we did this weekend it doesn't seem like a whole lot but it seemed really busy! I am looking forward to a little relaxing this week!


Nelson Family said...

Happy Birthday Chad! That's a pretty great looking go-cart too

The Wentzell's said...

Happy Birthday Chad, that bike this is whacked!! You feeling better yet?